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About Our Yoga Offerings

  • No previous yoga experience is required for any of our yoga classes
  • Although Prenatal and Mommy & Baby Yoga classes are tailored to pregnant or new moms, dads, grandmas and sisters can participate to support the moms and enjoy the benefits of yoga too! 
  • Please wear something comfortable that is a little snug, but not too tight and made of breathable fabric.  
  • Please bring a yoga mat and if in Prenatal yoga, bring a dense pillow or thick blanket
  • Our yoga classes can be purchased in 10 week packages that expire in 3 months from purchase or join us for a Drop-In session at any time.

Prenatal Yoga “‘Om’ is the birth sound”


  • Many women are aware of the numerous physical benefits of prenatal yoga, however what is less often known is that in addition to its many physical benefits, prenatal yoga helps women glide gracefully through the evolutionary process of pregnancy by connecting with other pregnant women, allowing the opportunity for inward reflection, providing a healthy physical and emotional outlet for one’s experiences and ultimately preparing on for birth on a holistic level.  
  • Regular practice of yoga can allow for pregnant women to gain better control over their bodies, emotions, feelings, behavior and endeavors.  As an expecting mother-to-be, you can use yoga as a tool to achieve goals, to concentrate on your and your baby’s development, health and happiness.
  • Some of the numerous benefits of prenatal yoga are: 
    • helps prepare you physically for giving birth 
    • reduces swelling and inflammation around your joints 
    • reduce his low back pain and sciatica 
    • reduce his aches and fatigue in the thoracic and cervical regions of the spine -aids in digestion 
    • improves her emotional well-being 
    • increase his overall strength, flexibility and well-being 

Mommy & Baby Yoga

  • You did it!  You have nurtured your baby through pregnancy and have given birth to a beautiful baby-Congratulations! 
  • Mommy and Baby Yoga classes provide an opportunity for you to regain strength and flexibility, to bond with your baby in an enjoyable activity and to connect and network with other moms.
  • The focus of the class is a series of warm-ups and yoga postures designed specifically for a new mom.  Special attention is placed on developing correct posture to combat the stress on your body and back caused by poor posture during the feeding, lifting and carrying of your baby.  This includes a particular emphasis on strengthening the back, abdomen and pelvic floor, as well as relieving tension in areas such as the neck, shoulders, and back.  
  • This class is recommended for infants as young as 6-8 weeks until approximately 9 months of age or crawling (whichever occurs first)
  • You’ll have the option of involving your baby in the movements by holding him/her, or by having your baby close to you on your blanket.  The babies are also treated to a short session of gentle baby yoga and massage, allowing them to share in the benefits of the class, including the relief of common discomforts.
  • We ask new moms to wait until their babies have reached 6 weeks old before attending class (if you’ve had a cesarean delivery, we ask that you extend this to 8-10 weeks).  Must have MD approval if you choose to join prior to 6-8 or 8-10 weeks respectively.  
  • Benefits of mommy and baby yoga: 
    • Improving posture 
    • Increasing overall endurance, strength and well-being 
    • Reducing back tension and discomfort 
    • Building core strength and stability (including abdominals) 
    • Reducing anxiety and stress 
    • Making new friends with other moms and babies

Yoga for Relaxation & Peace

  • This 6 week session will help you relax deeply both mind & body. Practicing yoga on a regular basis can help you gain better control over your body, emotions, feelings, behavior and endeavors. It helps to still a busy mind, release muscular tension, improve mobility and flexibility, improve capacity for healing and balancing as well as balances the nervous system.
  • Benefits of restorative yoga: 
    • Deeply relaxes the body 
    • Stills a busy mind 
    • Releases muscular tension, improving mobility and flexibility
    • Improves capacity for healing and balancing 
    • Balances the nervous system 
    • Boosts the immune system 
    • Develop qualities of compassion and understanding towards others and self

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