Oh Baby Spa is Indiana’s premier float spa and infant wellness studio that is dedicated to providing unique experiences and classes that support the early development of babies and nurture attachment with their parents.  Our spa and studio offers float therapy, infant massage instruction, and other classes that promote movement and oral motor sensory development of babies.  We also focus on the prenatal and postnatal period with prenatal yoga, Mommy and Me Yoga, Happi Baby Yoga, Happi Tummi Time, childbirth education, breastfeeding, newborn care, Foundations of Oral Function, First Foods, and CPR classes.

We recommend infants 2 weeks up to one year depending on weight and walking ability!  Older babies who are walking have out grown our tub space. The sooner we can float your baby, the better.  The benefits of floating and infant massage are endless and are built upon each subsequent session you attend. Our neck ring, Hoverfish does have a minimum of 8lbs as well as a 25lb max weight. Please reach out with specific circumstances and to verify if your infant is safe to float with us.

Water is essential to life and has spiritual meanings associated with purification, protection and healing.  The healing effects of water nourish, clean and calm our bodies.  Babies benefit from the holistic and therapeutic effects of float therapy and infant massage.  Muscular strength is improved with the gentle resistance of the water along with lung capacity as the infant breaths against the pressure.  Balance and coordination are advanced as the baby moves more consciously in the water.  

Float therapy has a wonderful effect on digestion; Infants are able to stretch out, relax their muscles and allow for the natural flow of their bowels to occur.  Parents are often pleasantly surprised when their little one takes a wonderful nap following a float/massage session, along with seeing an improvement with constipation and gas pain. 

Infant massage is very common in Eastern cultures and many heritages.  It is used often to help with strengthening the parent/infant bond, boost babies social and psychological development as well as help with improving postpartum depression.  Infant massage also aids in improving circulation, relaxing the nervous system and regulating eating, gas and sleep issues.  

Infant massage is an excellent way for Dads, Grandparents or other Caregivers to bond with their baby.

We have everything your baby will need for his or her Soak & Serene Massage class.  You are able to choose whether your baby floats in their birthday suit, using one of our clean cloth swim diapers or we also have disposable swim diapers.  We recommend you bring a pacifier if your baby uses one.  Your baby may need to breastfeed or bottle feed, so please bring necessary feeding items.  Babies may work up an appetite while floating!

Yes! Floating allows infants to move freely in a near weightless environment.  Floating has endless benefits but especially helps to build strength and mobility.  We do recommend checking with your pediatrician or healthcare provider first and as always, feel free to contact us for further questions. 

We welcome you to briefly FaceTime loved ones during your baby's float session but we do NOT allow you to record our massage sessions. To protect the privacy of others, we also ask that you only record/photograph your child. Facebook Live and IG Live are also not permitted at all throughout our class.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Any class canceled within 24 hours with NOT be refunded. If you arrive later than 15 minutes of your schedule class time, we will not be able to accommodate your full class time.  If you/your baby are sick and/or have had contact with a sick person within 10 days of your appointment, we kindly ask that you call to reschedule your class.  We must implement and adhere to these strict policies as we have a very limited number of spaces per day for clients and late cancellations/arrivals take away from potential clients, our small business and the experience of those attending class.