Soak and Serene Massage

Our premier one hour session of water and massage therapy starts with parents/caregivers providing their infant with instructor-guided massage (approx. 20-25 minutes), followed by soaking, floating, and sensory stimulation (approx. 10-25 minutes) for the infant. Monday, Wednesday, Friday sessions offered and variable Saturdays. Please view our scheduling calendar for available Saturdays.

During their float session, infants are able to freely move, exploring and discovering their environment and body. Our neck floatation device maintains the integrity of the infant's head while their natural buoyancy allows them to float. Infants are able to start as soon as 2 weeks of age through 9+ months (depending on mobility). We have a weight restriction of 8 lbs-25 lbs and not walking.

We highly recommend weekly sessions in order for the infant to receive the maximum benefit. Similar to swim lessons, the more often your child goes, the more improvement and long term benefits you will see. Water therapy alone offers endless advantages. To highlight a few:

  • Infants are able to reach total relaxation and comfort, building an abundant sense of safety
  • Muscular strength and respiratory health are improved due to the gentle pressure of the warm water
  • Neuro and brain development are enhanced as babies kick around in the water. The small rocking waves they create help to improve their balance and coordination and ultimately, support their ability to sit, crawl and walk. Even if your baby falls asleep in the water, the rocking will continue with his/her rhythmic breathing
  • GI symptoms improve as the warm water and free movement allow for the diaphragm and internal organs to relax, along with diminished tension on the abdominal muscles

Massage therapy has been utilized throughout history as a bonding technique as well as its bountiful health benefits. Many parents incorporate massage into their nightly routine to encourage relaxation and rest. Along with these benefits, massage therapy also helps to

  • Regulates eating, gas and sleep problems and increases a healthy weight gain
  • Activate the heart and circulatory system while calming the nervous system
  • Supports baby’s psychological and social development while Increases baby’s independence and self-confidence
  • Decrease and improve postpartum depression as well as decrease the risk of child abuse

As only the third infant water, float, and massage studio in the US, we are honored to bring all these benefits, and so many more, to the Indianapolis and surrounding area. Throughout Europe, Asia, Canada, Native Cultures, and many other Countries, water, float, and massage therapy are utilized and common practices. We hope our studio helps parents to witness the benefits in their infants and create extra special moments and memories.

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