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Studio Space

Oh Baby Spa and studio space appeals to the senses and provides a serene space for water therapy and wellness. Snuggle your baby with a warmed towel, interact with sensory toys and relax in our welcoming environment.

Soaking Stations

Comfort, cleanliness, and safety are our top priorities. Each baby has their own tub filled with fresh water each time for your little one to soak and float. Between each session the tubs are drained, sanitized with plant-based products, and refilled for the next baby. A special Hoverfish neck ring helps the baby to be buoyant and face above water. *Twins float together*
Parents can choose for their baby to float in their birthday suit, a cotton swim diaper, or a disposable swim diaper. Epsom salt and essential oils are an option to add to the sensory experience and hair wash. Soak sessions are approximately 20 minutes and then 20 minutes guided infant massage instruction is given by parents or caregivers. Parents enjoy this time bonding with their baby and the awesome photo ops that are Instagram-worthy.

Oh Baby Spa Space Station

Massage Mat Moments

Serene and simple infant massage on cozy mats where a sensory smell and touch create calm and bonding moments between baby and parents. Massage oil, warm towels and interactive toys add to the massage mat time. No videos are allowed during the massage so that a serene spa environment is secured.


This neck ring, made in the U.S.A., helps the baby to be buoyant and face above water. Created and patented by a Mom-owned small business located in Houston, TX; Hoverfish is designed for the safety and comfort of infants. It is made with medical grade safety foam, U.S. Coast Guard approved locking mechanisms and the ability to fit each growing baby with the appropriate size. Soak and Simple Massage starts with infants 2 weeks of age to 6-8 months. Aging out is dependent on weight, length, and activity of the baby. *Twins float together*

Mommy Breastfeeding Baby

Cozy Corner for Comfort and Feeding

A cozy corner where parents can breastfeed or bottle feed. Feeding often does follow a schedule and babies work up an appetite during float and massage because of increased digestion. This area is available during or after the session.

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