Empowered Birth Course

What is the Empowered Birth Course?

This 4 week class series, taught by Doula and Childbirth Instructor Katy Kelley, empowers expectant parents with the in-depth knowledge to be fully prepared and confident as you celebrate the most momentous day of your life!

It is highly recommended that first-time parents participate; however this is a wonderful opportunity for parents whose prior birth experiences were not empowering nor of a positive nature.

The Empowered Birth Course is designed to provide the parents with knowledge on all aspects of labor and birth, both for unmedicated AND medicated.

Ideally, the course would be completed by week 36-37 of pregnancy. This will ensure that parents are fully educated and prepared in the event their baby decides to come before 40 weeks gestation.

Each course is 4 weeks long (4 total classes, 1/week).

Classes will be available: Thursdays 6pm-7:30pm and Sundays 4pm-5:30pm

Classes coming Fall 2022!

Cost: $300 for the 4 weeks.

Week One: meet and greet, labor & birth terminology review, beneficial prenatal exercises, overview of 4 stages of labor, Ist stage of labor in depth discussion (contractions, sensations, patterns and timing), physical & emotional signposts (prelabor, early labor, active labor and transition)

Week Two: **this is an interactive class - please bring 2 pillows** Practice relaxation & breathing techniques, effective labor positions first stage, discuss possible challenges and options available, discuss common medical interventions, what & why they are suggested and alternative approaches available, pain relief options

Week Three: Devise birth plan, aromatherapy and review of other natural means to managing contractions successfully, 2nd stage of labor in depth (techniques, positions, possible challenges and options), review reasons for inductions and C-section protocols & choices

Week Four: 3rd stage of labor (delivering the placenta), Q&A on labor/birth, postpartum recovery (what to expect)

Any further questions, please contact Oh Baby Spa by email or phone call

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